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The genuine dry rot - Serpula lacrimans - its life-basis and other wood-destructive fungi Peter Rauch -  (Automatic translation from hs03.html)

3. Health endangering through it dry rot

Through its masked expansion specifically in wood-great commissure-covers or in the developed roof-projectile, one very late notices the often firm damage of the statically fundamental wood-parts. By the decreased load capacity, collapse-danger should always be expected until the exact damage is determined with an overhaul.

With intensive affection, gaseous metabolites of the fungus shall headaches and nausea, the spore-dust can evoke vehement spore-allergies. [Schwantes; Beautifully] this requires a certain concentration in the building respectively, however, in the room. A health encroachment of the fungus, except the above named criterions, is not known.

Healths endangering can however then occur, if how here a need-fruit-body grows unseen in the picture at the underside of the shelf-board of a mounting-kitchen-closet and the spores fall on food and utensils.
Spores and need-fruit-bodies in the kitchen-closet
Picture: Spores and need-fruit-bodies at the underside of a shelf-board in the kitchen-closet

Several years old mycel, fruit-bodies and need-fruit-bodies at the room-corner
Picture: Several years old mycel, fruit-bodies and need-fruit-bodies at the room-corner

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A. Biology the holzzerst.
    Fungi and insects
B. Serpula lacrimans
    (Real house-sponge)
1. Damage-picture
2. Growth factors
2.1. Humidity
2.2. Temperature
2.3. Influx light / air
2.4. Function of the mycelium
2.5. Characteristics mycelium
2.6. Cytologische processes
2.7. Spores
2.8. Environment-influxes
3. Health endangering
4. dry rot types
5. Regulation-methods
5.1. Broadly
5.2. Macroscopic
5.3. Microscopic
6. Reorganization measures
7. Damage-areas
8. remediation own-service
- Bibliographical review
- Statistics cases of damage
- Duty of notification

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