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The genuine dry rot - Serpula lacrimans - its life-basis and other wood-destructive fungi Peter Rauch -  (Automatic translation from hs_b.html)

B. Serpula lacrimans [Wulf.ex Fr.] (real dry rot)

The real dry rot (Serpula lacrimans) heard to the department real fungi (Eumycota), class pillar-fungi (Basidiomycetes), order Aphyllophorales, family wart-sponges (Coniopharaceae) types Coniophora and Serpula. In the Brockhaus, it is assigned respectively to the Löcherpilzen in the Brockhaus biology to the Porlingen with the name Merulius lacrimans (= Merulius domesticus). The white pore-sponge belongs to the family Porlinge, Poriaceae, for example, Poria vaporaria, that because of the similar damage-picture, brown die-break (Destruktionsfäule) is confused. The real dry rot is known also under the name Merulius lacrimans. The kind Merulius was positioned from frieze after purely outward characteristics what also was not differently possible at this time surely. To this family Fältlinge, Meruliaceae, the hellsporigen types are taken into account. By Persoon, the braunsporigen salespersons were classified according to the kind Serpula.

Dry rot-pictures

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A. Biology the holzzerst.
    Fungi and insects
B. Serpula lacrimans
    (Real house-sponge)
1. Damage-picture
2. Growth factors
2.1. Humidity
2.2. Temperature
2.3. Influx light / air
2.4. Function of the mycelium
2.5. Characteristics mycelium
2.6. Cytologische processes
2.7. Spores
2.8. Environment-influxes
3. Health endangering
4. dry rot types
5. Regulation-methods
5.1. Broadly
5.2. Macroscopic
5.3. Microscopic
6. Reorganization measures
7. Damage-areas
8. remediation own-service
- Bibliographical review
- Statistics cases of damage
- Duty of notification

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