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Molds in apartments

- Its life-form, damage and removal -

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(Excerpts from the mould book)

The diminution of the air-replacement is one of the most important causes of the increase of the molds in the apartments. As well, the apartment must be heated sufficiently. With same utilization of the apartment however with lower space-temperature increases the relative humidity for itself. So, it can be created mold-stains on the wallpapers fast. Especially concerned is cold wall-plains, how for example in the bedroom over the floor at the outside-wall. A correct fight of the molds takes place only through the abolition of the causes.

Schimmelpilzbefall im Fenster  Schimmelpilze in der Zimmerecke  Schimmelpilze neben dem Fenster, fehlerhafte Fugenausführung

Content (departures)
1. Insertion
2. Molds
2.1. Description of the molds and its metabolites
2.2. Food and life-basis
2.3. Occurrences of the air
2.4. Occurrences of the inner-air
3. Causes of the emergence in the apartment
4. Molds in interiors
5. Fungi as causes of illnesses with people and animals
5.1. Broadly
5.2. Occurrences of the human skin
5.3. Mycoses
5.4. Mykogene allergies
5.5. Mycotoxicoses
5.6. Mycetismus
5.7. Allergosis
6. Molds as material-destroyers
6.1. Molds in the ecosystem
6.2. Material-destroyers
6.3. Wood - mildew-rottenness and wood-discoloring fungi
6.4. Paper
6.5. Textiles
6.6. Wool
6.7. Leather
6.8. Synthetic material
6.9. Colors
6.10. Glass
6.11. Mineral construction-materials
6.12. Hydrocarbon
6.13. Metal
7. The avoidance of the mold-formation
7.1. Important causes of the emergence
8. Financial recovery of the mold-affection
8.1. General bases
8.3. Chemical fight
8.3.1. Broadly
8.3.2. Fight-variations
8.6. Financial recovery of mold-attacked materials
8.6.1. Prelude
Toxins case in point: Aflatoxin

Calculation (estimate) of a possible mold-affection

1. Insertion

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Mold usually is the generic name recognizable as macroscopic cotton wool-good Myzelien and/or conidium-bearers. Fungi, that mold forms, don't let themselves limit systematically. You/they belong to different groups. Different structures and appearances are associated watering cans with the mold-concept red bread-mold, noble-mold, brushes, Köpfchenschimmel and others. In addition, also many are called mold, like for example blue-mold, gray-mold, snow-mold and so on [1]...

Molds are ubiquitous (ubiquitär) occurring fungus-types, that can cause clear health encroachment with elevated occurrences. Many inhabitants of spaces incriminated with mold frequently suffer from headaches, Augenbrennen and cold-symptoms. With corresponding inclination, it can when longer inhaling from mold-spores to the allergy come. This bodily resistance-reaction can lead to a bronchial asthma and can cause other healths problems for the respiration-organs. [1]
The molds belong to the microorganisms. Many different groups of mini-creatures become into this collective-concept, summarized Aktinomyzenten, seaweeds, fungi and protozoa like bacterias, yeasts. An allocation into the flora or fauna is possible. Seaweeds, bacterias, Aktinomyzeten and fungi become the empire of the plants, especially the micro-flora assigned; merely the seaweeds plants are unequivocally. Among other things, this makes itself through the cellulose-good wall cell and the chlorophyll noticeable to the energy-production with photo synthesis.
Among other things, the animal qualities of the bacterias, Aktinomyzeten and fungi are they mainly chemoheterotrophe way of life and the formation of glycogen, a strength-similar polysaccharide, for which also animal strength is called. Nevertheless the cell-structure doesn't admit the allocation to the fauna, and the protozoa, who belong unequivocally to the animal kingdom, are an exception. [2]

There are not yet any binding evaluation-criterions for a mold-encumbrance in Germany in the interior. The proof of a mold-encumbrance serves different goals on that occasion, belongs to it

From this about. 100.000 mold-types point about. 30 allergens on. You/they have the task in the nature to fade organic substance and to make the plants accessible in form of ground as nutrient-sources. [35] the human being is on for that reason tried at an occurrence of molds in his/its surroundings and shows a high resistance. He/it only rarely reacts to a mold-exposition with illness-symptoms consequently.
Crucial for the effect of inhalativ's picked up molds is the constitution, the pathogenicity, the total-number of the influencing fungi and the frequency. The encumbrance and claim of people essentially are at outside and interior-sources same, however. ([37] S. 16)

A mold-provision then is meaningful to the clarification of specific situations,

The actual damage-solution can take place only through the change of the causes. That is construction-physical and or construction-material-specific connections and of course also the utilization-performance.

(The content of this contribution was partially summarized and comes "molds in extracts from the book in residential buildings ISBN 978-3-00-020727-3"

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