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An allergy is a reaction of the immune-system to certain body-foreign materials, that actually don't mean any danger for the health opposite germs. For cirka 20.000 substances are allergy-causing effects familiar. Symptoms can on that occasion at the eye, in the breath-ways, on the skin, in the gastro-intestinal-section and other reactions occur. If one determines, that an allergy possibly is available, so one should consult a doctor, who carries out the corresponding allergy-diagnostics.

Allergic illnesses like hay fever, asthma or Neurodermitis increased notably in the last years. The causes of it are not unequivocally busy up to now. Possible explanations deliver unhealthy nutrition, exaggerated hygiene and environmental pollution. Epidemiological studies indicate that allergies are evoked by pollutants in the air, especially through issues in the road traffic. [1]
"From experimental exposition-studies of the human being is known, that diesel-soot-particles especially have an adjuvanten effect at the emergence of an allergic sensitization and that they can reinforce the allergic inflammation-reaction with people, who already are sensitized. Additionally pollutants can, as they come from the road traffic, as well as the Allergenfreisetzung also like the release of proinflammatorischen substances from pollen reinforce." [2]

The most important allergies are

Detailed information about the allergy is in and to mold-allergies in the contribution Molds presented.
[1] press release: Dieter Heinrichsen M.A; 18.02.2005; Connection between allergies and air pollution, idw-online, clear
[2] grocers, Ursula; BMU-Projekt A.6: Influx of the exposition with particles from the road traffic and the Allergenexposition on the Atopie-Entwicklung of children; Institute for environment-medical research at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf gGmbH,

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