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The correct planning of an illumination and the physiological color-effect

Approximately 80 per cent of all information of the Sinnesorgane is perceived over the eye. The human being is an optical type. The meaning is with the increase of the illumination-strength in the functional capacity with the increase of the visual service. Correspond for instance so

Not the maximum one but the optimal illumination is to be planned, that suffice the sight-requests. On this occasion, a suitable planning-software helps with the light-planning. Some cases in point

The film speed of the eye is dependent on different elements, from the individual, the age and day or night. So, the eye-sensitivity-curve has his/its maximum with 555 nm (green-yellow) and in the night with 500 nm (blue-green) on the day, for example. There is a connection between the colors (wavelength-sensitivity) l and the eye-sensitivity. So, a higher energy is required for the same illumination at a red wall-plain, for example.

The DIN 5035, and enters local regularity, contrast-provision, reflection-capabilities, shadows, color-playback and Blendungsbegrenzung the screen-work-regulation (BildscharbV) on the individual requests of the sight-tasks, illumination-strength.
The positive impact through the optimal illumination can like follows is summarized:

  1. The service increases quantitatively between 5 to 10 per cent.
  2. The service takes the accomplishment-increase qualitatively can amount up to 30 per cent from zund through lowering of the mistake and scrap-quote.
  3. The increase of the job satisfaction, the well-being, the increase of the concentration-ability and the lowering of the fatigue can be influenced. The color-formation is on that occasion to be heeded.
  4. As well, the lowering of the accident-quote is to be recorded.
  5. Light spaces promote the tidiness.

Einfallendens daylight is an artificial light-source to be preferred. Beside the saving of energy, however, the psychological effect stands in the foreground. Through the window menus, there is the possibility of view-contact outside (prevention of a light-cage) and the daylight works, activating through continuous changes of illumination-strength and color.

Light beer white light causes an active status of the vegetative nervous system over the Sympathikus-Nerv what causes a high concentrate-ion and reaction as well as accomplishment-standby. Dämmerlicht and weak (reddish) art-light cause the opposite.

The energy-savings-lamps have a high blue-share. Profitably with concentrated work. The usage of the energy-savings-lamps in the living room changes the biological clock in the evening. The natural sleep-necessity is postponed farther to the back. For people, that suffer from insomnias anyway, surely very much from disadvantage.

According to EC-decision, it hands over September 1 2009 no incandescence-lamps with a service over 75 watts, from September 2010 with more than 60 watts, from September 2011 with more than 40 watts and To buy September 1 2012 with more than 10 watts. It should be saved approximately 5 per cent of electro-energy with it.

60-watt-incandescence-lamp 700 Lumen
Halogen-lamp (twelve volts, 50 watts) approximately 900 to 1200 Lumen
Energy-savings-lamp (with bad quality) with 15 watts approximately 700 Lumen

At the sudden passage of dark into the light beer or turned back, something can be overlooked fast. This is caused the adaption of the eyes by lacking speed. Dark hallways can be illuminated through 1 or 2 glazed room-doors, for example. Psychological Blendungen lead to premature fatigue and to the reduction of the services and well-being with longer residence in the spaces.

With increasing age, also the Sehstärke is reduced. Here, an eye should be kept on a corresponding contrast-formation, to the Bespiel with tread.
As well, the human eye grasps the colors in a different corner to the line of vision. For example one goes a narrow hallway or on a stairway and looks before. One suddenly loses the stop and reaches for the page in order to hold. One takes objects with the color white sideways, orange and yellow better true as red or green.

Also the corresponding color-formation is in context of the illumination in accomodations and workplaces, to see. [1, 2]


Light consists of small energy-volumes, the particle-qualities (light-quanta or photons). It is worth the equation

W = hfEnergie of a light-quantum

A nature-constant, the Plancksche action-quantity h, enters into this equation,

h = 6,6262 x 10-34 J s Planck-Konstante

on. The equation expresses that the energy W of the frequency is f directly proportionally, that is that possesses an essentially bigger energy than for example this of the yellow light to the Beipiel light-portion of ultraviolet light with short wavelength and high frequency and therefore at the impact on certain metal-surfaces the out solved electrons lends a bigger kinetic energy than yellow light. [3]

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