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MCS - multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCS or COversensitivity to chemicals are caused by numerous illness-exhilarating causes, through materials and in dosages, that were regarded as harmless until now, and from the population's majority without problems is tolerated. The decontamination-capacity of the body-cells, that are differently distinctive on the basis of hereditary elements, is crucial here. With a lack of the Enzym-GSH-S-Transferase is the concerned far more susceptible for the environmental illnesses and responds so already on tiny tracks of pollutants. MCS-syndrome is characterized as multi-organ-illness of the pro-fanny-ducks of the clinical ecology. To the clarification of the illness-symptoms, all-ergo-logical or toxicological approaches often are served themselves. However these approaches could not be justified scientifically until now through what an acknowledgment stayed away through the orthodox medicine until now.
Characteristics single-symptoms are headaches, tiredness, general weakness, concentration-breakdowns, breakdowns of the retention, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eye and the pharynx and digestive-trouble.

An allocation can come after following main-criterions:

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In the ÖKO-TEST-SONDERHEFT infant volume 25/1998, page 67 is accentuated an interesting result. Illness and unspecific symptoms like asthma, and others gained strikingly in the last years. The study determines, that both environment-poison and the modern life-stalk play a role on that occasion. A comparison Munich and Leipzig shows that the number of the hay fever and asthma-cases approaches the west-level in Leipzig with children and there can be a connection to the western lifestyle. In the former GDR, the children were accommodated earlier than in the comparison to the old FRG in community-facilities (baby nursery and nursery school) what led to increased infections with the children. After the mess-hypothesis, the immune-system is rationally busy through the formation of infection-antibody and doesn't come to form y antibodies on the absurd idea and to start the allergy-career with it.

Pyrethroide (pesticides) become in many literature-sources, named active substances from wood-preventatives and many other chemical links. Neither Pyrethroide nor wood-preventatives should be in stock in a normal building. With constructive wood-protection, that one understood better opposite today earlier to execute, there is not any respectively low endangering and if insects perform abundantly, it is because of the construction conceivably, construction-material-drawing selection or at the utilization-performance. If pesticides are put in, so a good compartment-commercial house concentrates on an aimed measure with lowest fight-employment of funds. Offer-requests come after quality-parameter in the rarest cases. Rather, cubic meters and liter are deducted. The chemical clubs are critical to judge in the free trade, they are praised also to the mold-fight.

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