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Nicotin C10H14N2 is the effective element of the fume, Schnupf, and Kautabaks. in 1560, the French emissary sent Nicot seeds of the tobacco-plant from Portugal to Paris. Nicotin is a brownish, smelly, water-soluble fluid intently, purest Nicotin is colorless.
Approximately pure Nicotin was used for the pest control in farms.
Already 1/15 g pure Nicotin works mortally on the human being, for example through eating or reception over the bloodstream. With the smoking, only a small part of the Nicotins is picked up in the body, since a part burns in the Glimmzone, accumulates and a part of the breathed in Nicotins is exhaled again.

Nicotin occurs in the tobacco-plant (Nicotiana), where formed it in the root and comes into the leaves with the Säftestrom. Probably, it represents an unusable end product of the metabolism of the plant.

Nicotin is an element of the tobacco-smoke. The substances in the tobacco-smoke work reciprocally reinforcing or softens. More than 800 are carcinogenic. Breath-ways, Bronchien, the lung and the blood-vessels are attacked. In Germany, 110000 to 140000 people die as consequence of the smoking annually, from it 43000 at cancer, 37000 at heart and cycle-illnesses, 20000 through breath-way-illnesses and 3000 nonsmokers through passive-smoking [1] and 80000 legs of vessel-damaged smokers are amputated every year. Die world-wide daily 13.400 and annually 4,9 million people.[2] typical illnesses is: Allergies, Arteriosclerosis, breath-way-illnesses, bronchial-cancer, heart attack, larynx and lung-cancer, osteoporosis, smoker-leg and other.

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