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Mechanical vibrations

A mechanical vibration (vibration) takes place through energy-supply. A body is delivered from its static balance. This takes place through the continuous conversion of kinetic from potential energy as well as turns back. In the practice, above all the stochastic one works, forced and damped oscillation on the people. The human body is understood vibration-wise as system and is stimulated to the vibration by outer energy. Exactly a frequency effects it especially dangerously around 5 Herz (Hz) since the main-resonance-area lies here. So, individual body-parts are incriminated especially strongly sedentary.

Body-part Frequency
Spinal column 3 - 4,5 Hz
Stomach 4 - 9 Hz
Chest 6 - 12 Hz
Skull-bones 50 - 70 Hz

With vibrations of 2 to approximately 40 Hz, also the eyesight is reduced, through what the risk of lapse and accidents rises.

As trouble in the low frequency range, pains kick breathing difficulty, language-trouble, urine-urge and so on on. The health-risk appears for the organ-systems, the movement-device and peripheral nervous system (gastro-intestinal-system). More highly frequencies (50 -1000 Hz) can lead at fingers to circulation-breakdowns in link with cold after longer time.

The degree of mechanical vibrations should be held as low as possible.

Measures are the vibration-prevention respectively - decrease in the formation-place, the avoidance and diminishing of the assignment, the limitation of the Einwirkzeit and the use of the in person protection-installation respectively.

Ingenieurbuero Peter Rauch

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