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The space-climate or how valuable is our health?

The politics fake an actual interest in the people-health with its legally prescribed smoke-prohibition if it lets the buildings sealed secretly hermetically clammy per law, for example through the demands of the EnEV, they further are intensified, or the consequences of the implementation of the energy-passport and the Zimmerenergyforcing up of prices, taxes and deliveries are 43 per cent of the stream-price (Receiver State, Energy-taxes (EEG deliveries)), 30 per cent of Durchleitunsgebühren (net-utilization) and only about. 27 per cent, the actual energy-share involves. The kWh for household-customers costs in between already circa 19 cents.) Everything takes place under the cover carbon dioxiderestriction, heating treatment of the earth (this would happen also without the mankind) and the shortage of the raw materials. However, the consequences are slow and creeping and, not to number through any amount of money. Or much costs 1 kg of health?
Undefinable everyday-poisons turn a mixture into the inhabitants stop, that through the necessary hygienic Ventilation it must be led away. And exactly this tries the legislator to prevent, in which the ventilation-part payment is lowered against zero.
A balanced interior-climate now as before is gained by the long-standing brick-construction and lime-finery. In Germany, these construction-materials were partially replaced through mineral-wool and polystyrene sheets. In the Ukraine, it is erected 50-y brick-walls also still today.

Case in point ventilation-heat-requirement at a single-family home.

The microclimate (Space-climate, and consequently also the comfort becomes through it Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, Air-movement and Heat-radiation and heat-convection decide. In one Contribution to the healthy living important criterions are summarized.

Illumination Approximately 80 per cent of all information of the sense organ is perceived over the eye. In cold spaces, warm tones should be used. Examinations showed that the temperature-difference with same comfort and in the same space only at other color-formation be able to amount up to 2 K. The effect of the colors with narrow and spread Spaces.

Chemical pollutants occur in the space-air, in the building material as well as in the house-dust, for example Formaldehyde, PCP, Isocyanat, Fungizide, Nicotin (Smoke, but also Radon, the most important individual environment-influential factor of the human health.

ZimmerAsbestose, lung-cancer, bronchitis and different illnesses can cause sundries scatter. One must special attention the Fine-dusts give.

Residential-poison results from the construction-cover once, from the clothing, from the equipment-objects, from the life-performance, the nutrition, the utilization-performance. It also is, however Combination-effects of everyday-poisons to heed.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS or chemical-oversensitivity is caused by numerous illness-exhilarating causes.

All these pollutant-concentrations and to it is fitting also the radioactivity and microorganisms can only through one ventilation is reduced. It becomes normally MAK-value as average value integrates over time limits until a workday or a shift, therefore not for an apartment, where one is partially much longer. As well, the observance of the MAK-value doesn't give any security against the appearance of allergic illnesses with people, who are inclined to it.

Description of the mechanical vibrations, which represent a health-risk and lead to circulation-breakdowns.

But also noise (Tone-ness) lead to the encroachment, psychic annoyance, breakdown and damage.

An allergy if a reaction is the immune-system on certain body-foreign materials. Description of the pollen-allergy, contact-allergy, animal-hair-allergy and others.

Construction-biology if the teachings of the integral relationships between creatures and constructions is. If these are disturbed, so this has an effect adversely on the health and functional capacity of the human being.

FrequenzenElectro-smog one of the usually discussed problems is in the modern knowledge and informed society, that extends from the hysteria to the played down. Here, high frequency are fitting electromagnetic waves, low frequency electric and magnetic fields, high-resistance equally-fields and geomagnetism.

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