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Calculation of the transmission-heat-loss of a massive outside-wall

Please select the wall-construction-material and the direction and input the wall-strength (inklusiv finery). Hint: If the South-side is overshadowed, for example, so you choose the west-side.
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Existing outside-wall:     Thicken: cm

Direction of the outside-wall        


Results: u-value (EnEV) W / m²K ueff-value: W / m²K

Non-stationary contemplation opposite the u-value-calculation (stationary):% heat-loss
Commentary and comparison

The Unit of heat-transfer describes a heat-balance because of a temperature-difference between two different energy-systems. The heat in the construction lets itself still neither close insulates. The heat-transportation goes as radiation (not material-tied, as Convection (air, water) interior and outside or Heat-management (material-tied, before itself.) [1] at a building should however also them/her/it Heat-storage-ability and consequently the mass of the prefabricated part, this Moisture in the wall-construction as well as the absorbed solar-radiation consideration finds. This here additionally calculated ueff-Wert considers the stored solar-energy in the massive stonework.
Formula for the calculation as well as concepts to the heat-storage-ability.

"In Germany exists. besides 3 reason-measurements. no scientific, experimental examinations about the energy-efficiency of different wall-constructions!" [2]

Retroactive insulation at a house to the roof and cellarsTap to the retroactive insulation. With the constantly climbing energy prices, it is to be executed measures for a heat-isolation partially meaningfully if these didn't yet take place. Very economically, the heat-isolation is to the roof and the roof-skew respectively and to the cellar. These measures for the insulation can be executed in many cases also in own-service. These plains represent half of the outside-plain circa. Dampness-transportation-processes through the outside-wall are not hindered. If in stock, then, the solar-profit margins reduce the flow of energy at the outside-wall what takes place no more with a isolation of the outside-wall respectively only in the low scope. Of course, unfavorable wall-constructions should be dammed completely or partially. However, the costs are unequally higher opposite the above named measures here. Here, the efficiency is not always given.
At older buildings with wood-constructions and wood-great commissure-covers, the creation of unfavorable border-work periods causes the low dampness-increase in the wall-cross section with big likelihood at the outside-facade. The grub-activities favor these wood of destructive insects and shorten the stand-time of the building so. Retroactive isolations of the facade of these older buildings is to be therefore performed with much caution. Further implementations and statements of reasons in the chapter construction-physics.

If you equipped your house with an insulation later, so you can communicate some values (anonymous). With this statistical rise additional insulation of a facade if the effectiveness should be determined the energetic improvement after an additional insulation at a building. It is necessary to again-put the following statements and to confirm.
"From the energy-concept for the city dusters, from the 14. April 1988 goes unequivocally forth, that there is no correlation between the energy needs calculated after the ruling doctrine and the actual energy-consumption.
The same result resulted also from the THERMA-Competition executed 11 years before. It became 10 objects written out by the order of the federal-ministry for area-order, construction-natures and Städtebau and restores afterwards unsuccessfully."[2]

[1] Eichler, Friedrich; Arndt, Horst; Bautechnischer Wärme- und Feuchtigkeitsschutz 1989, Bauverlag Berlin, S. 92
[2] critical commentary of Paul Bossert, 21. February 2006 to the "report over the development of the CO2-redevelopment-program for buildings more growth and activity" the federal-ministry for traffic, construction and city-development of the 5.1.2006

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