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Peter Rauch
Peter Rauch
Mold-formation and heat-bridges - general statement and showing of constructive lacks with the

Roof-development - lecture at the construction-advice-center Leipzig e.V., Dittrich-ring 18-20 at the 04.05.1994.
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1.0.0 overtures 2
2.0.0 heat-protection-requests 3
2.1.0 thrifty energy-utilizations of the building
Heat is 2.2.0 something? 4
2.3.0 heat-extractions 5
2.4.0 insulations and atmospheric humidity
2.4.1 introductory remarks
2.4.2 humidities
2.4.3 insulations 12
2.4.4 economic viabilities and ecological aspects to the heat insulation 16
3.0.0 problems for the heat insulation18
3.1.0 problems of the mold-formation
3.2.0 heat-bridges
3.3.0 airtight-hoods 28
4.0.0 problem-points at the roof-development29
5.0.0 synopses32
To avoid check list about a mold-formation 32
Primordia: Mollier-h, x-Diagramm and balance sheet for primarily-demand for energy at the house-construction
1. Prelude

About. 50 per cent of all construction-measures, reorganization measures are at in stock construction-substance. Unfortunately, methods are taken over without hesitation to check without its long-time stand-time. Often, business managements considerations are neglected, so that itself a part the redevelopment - respectively modernization-measures as uneconomic turns out. To be silent completely, that approved methods don't let themselves simply transfer without hesitation on all buildings until now. This involves as well as the costs of the facade-repair by means of full-heat-protection, that rises balconies and so on fast to 240 DM / with the proper in-linkage editing of the window menu-connections, pre-jumps. [1]

One would have to save cirka11.000 l fuel oil at a housing-outside-plain of cirka's 20 m2 presently in order to come into the profit margin-zone. If the South-page, that is hardly followed, is still equipped with this full-heat-protection to it, so every yielding a return contemplation is without value since the amortization-time becomes very big. Wichmann and Varsek 1986 determined through measurements, for example, that heater-heat from solar-radiation can amount approximately 40 per cent in the extreme-case. The Novellierung of the heat-protection-prescription originates no more strictly from the unit of heat-transfer-calculation but considers also the passive energy-utilization (Pkt). 2.1.). Same yielding a return considerations should be carried out also with the Dachgeschoßausbau. Every retroactive construction-measure changes the static and physical performance of a building. These are an inner-heat insulation normally. Also for monument-protected buildings, only this variation is possible. Approved methods can simply not be transferred on another building on that occasion. A thorough technical and technological consideration, that also carries itself economically in the end, needs every time. Development of the planning documents of the construction-material-manufacturers systems introduced, these don't let themselves so simply apply to all variations since the practical realization doesn't admit this on entirely different constructive preconditions, for example the roof frames. So the stalks, medium purlin, properly must bind ridge-tabs, head-ribbons, ridge-rows and others into the closed heat insulation, for example, and are also locked diffusion-densely to the largest part, this is not in the practice at many positions, respectively only under very high technical and craft expenditure of time possibly. ...


Yielding a return energy-utilization, heat, Radiation-heat, Convector-principle, energy consumption, calorific* value-kettles, floor-heater, Water vapor-diffusion, capillary conductivity, Hygroskopizität, Balance-dampness, Humidity in apartments, condensate-formation, absolute and relative atmospheric humidity, Ventilation-replacement, air-change-part payment, gas-steam-mixture, indoors and outside Heat insulation, Heats insulation and her/its/their qualities, I. fundamental theorem, Work period-border-temperatures, repletion-steam pressure-course, building-heat-protection, Novellierung of the Wsch-VO, primarily-demand for energy for construction-materials, Mold-formation and - abolition, biological preservation of structures, heat-bridges, damage-pictures, solution-possibilities, airtight-ness, dew-water, roof-development

The Script of the balance brought forward is available as Download (German).
In complete overwork and supplements through numerous practical cases in point as well as tables the E-Handbook stands Mold-formation in residential buildings to the disposal.

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