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2.5. Microscopically mycelium and hypha-characteristics from the dry rot

fresh mycelium at a wood-slat in the carbonic-cellar

Picture: Vital mycelium at a wood-slat in the carbonic-cellar


Picture: Older thin mycelium on a clapboard. The growth-border is clear to recognize above.

Vessel-hyphas are found in the Cord-mycelium by approximately 5..60 μm diameters, that are together-stored in large number and carry ring-thickenings. The fiber-hyphas become up to 5 μm thickly and are greenish refractive. Those until tan generative hyphas of the Trama turn 2...9 μm broadly and is fasten-busy. Zystiden are missing. The diameters of the basidiums amounts to 7...10 μm, that - length 30...40 μm.

The plate-fibers are in the fruit-body-plate and are 5...9 μm thickly. The ends of these hyphas show one for the dry rot typical foot-like figure. (G. Langendorf)
This mycelium is few days old and grows on a cellar-floor. The young myzelium is white with vine-ginger spots. The growth-direction is clear recognizable.
Young mycelium of Coniophora puteana (cellar-sponge) is white against it without ginger spots.
Young mycelium from the dry rot, few days old.
Even more pictures of the mycelium from the dry rot

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