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5. Regulation-methods for wood-destructive fungi
5.1. General

In the following copies (Departures from Weiß, Wagenführ and Kruse), tests are represented by fresh mycelium of different wood-destructive fungi.

Also mycelium is on one of these boards from the dry rot. Here it becomes clear that a proper provision of a set timber of destroying fungus cannot take place on the side, and a corresponding technical and practical experience necessary is.
Preservation of structures firm make money from the financial recovery. Some square meters can additional drill hole injectings so fast at dubious firms to arrive, that are superfluous. But also construction-experts or real estate-experts are the experts on your specialty. However, they must be able for that reason not everything. However, already differences are between the settlement of a fungus-affection and a technical financial recovery. But also a wood-protection-expert is not infallible. Here, a case in point should be named. Few days (1/2003) ago, the complete teach makes the cellar, therefore also the disposal of the at a high cost tool-machines and the washing machine, was proposed by an expert in the Düsseldorfer space. The aforementioned company, also the redevelopment wanted to execute. In an Eck-area, it was formed by the fruit-body the dry rot spores. Such estimates are very doubtful, grasps all objects safely there can be cleaned. Attacked carpets or curtains are cleaned up and were not something directly in the proximity, becomes thorough, as hot as possible, cleaned. With what a spore-redevelopment always is urgently necessary, sees spores).

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