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8. Redevelopment of damages through the real dry rot through own-performance

In principle it must be assessed here that expecting negative consequences with a redevelopment through own-service in 90 per cent of the cases is.(Compare Pkt. 5.) Independently whether it is about a sponge-type or another wood-destructive fungus, static problems occur. Heartwood-destroyers are a series of fungi. The surface of the blanket-great commissures be concave into order and the middle. For the generation of the diagnosis of the cause of damage, the estimate of the expansion of the fungus-affection, the fungus-type's provision and an extensive domain-specific knowledge is the optimal fight and redevelopment necessary. The application of the fight-means is subject to the danger-material-prescription and to must be kept a series of security-requests for it. The attested by a notary wood-protection and sponge-fight-means are handed over only at compartment-companies with corresponding qualification-proof. Construction-markets have another function. The means offered there possibly are unaudited on its effectiveness and harmlessness on the health. The delivery takes place only in mini-volumes, therefore really only for small petty damages.

With the found ones several hundred damages also was such on that occasion, where the lessee in own-service performed a redevelopment. Only in one case, the mycelium grew no more further. In the letzen, I had over 10 inquiries above all from the area around dysentery, medium Rhine and southern Ruhr area, years where a fight was tried any in own-service. These activities hardly "impressed" the dry rot...

If a wood-destructive fungus is determined, so a professional redevelopment is necessary. Stop these, so the damage stretches unseen in many cases further. The following redevelopment-costs often then amount the multiple. Virtually incomprehensible, how lightly many federal-citizens handle your assets. It is saved, something caresses it wants. However, own-services are completely incorrectly in this case very useful without technical instruction and control at the place surely. (Comparisons, contribution to the marketable value

Uncovering-working after corresponding instruction are possible of course. It not always has to be damages in this size-order.
Uncovering of an affection for the dry rot

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