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2.4. Occurrences of the inner-air

In interiors, molds are particular environmental conditions suspended. Here, a higher dust-encumbrance is available normally. An attenuation through air-movement is prevented, the destroying effect of the UV-Strahlung is missing as well. The heat-protection-glazing lets pass opposite the simple glazing of less ultraviolet radiation. Also before the replacement of the box-window menu, this point of view is to be taken into account. In closed spaces then dominates xerotolerante types, how for example such the kind of Penicillium and Aspergillus, but also others, like Cladosporium and Mucor etc.. [9], [20] molds, that are proved in the interior-air, can come out of the outside-air or the source is in the space itself. Therefore, a comparative measurement is to be performed parallel with an interior-measurement in the outside-air.
An elevated mold-encumbrance in the interior is recognizable not only at moldy wallpapers and objects respectively. Usually, not any characteristics are optically recognizable. Elevated concentrations in the air let themselves then determine through the corresponding proof-law cases. In particular cases however only after the appearance of the corresponding symptoms, if the causes are determined.

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