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3. Causes of the emergence in the apartments

Dampness walls, clammy apartments and as consequence mold-formations always has given it. According to yielding a return situation, of good standing or moderately priced buildings were built where different construction-physical parameters are available. According to statistics is to be clung, however, that gains it to the visible mold-formation in accomodations within the last years came.

As cases in point, following elements should be presented here:

  1. The earlier used construction-materials like sound, clay or Wood clearly more favorable construction-physical qualities as the newer construction-materials, like concrete, have, Polystyrene etc.., with reference to Steam-diffusion and Water vapor-reception-capabilities
  2. The wall-surfaces became with lime-, Chalk or Glue-colors equips, the an unobstructed water vapor-diffusion enables and a solidity and tension-adjustment causes additionally, also she/it has same qualities Silicate-color). Become binding agent-rich on the other hand today Dispersion-color-paints and wallpapers with high Kunstoffanteilen uses, that one Water vapor-diffusion respectively the adsorption (quality of the construction-materials short-term dampness-apexes, to pick up) hinders. He/it some paints form a steam-lock. The Durchfeuchtung occurs between the finery and the coating as well as to the blister-formation and to flaking off.
  3. At the window menus, a development took place, that immediately intensifies the moisture-problems in multiple sense in the apartments:
    • At the simply-glazings, the unequivocally most lowest temperatures adjusted in the entire wall-plain. The disks had misted over, was signalled the housing-user that should be aired. Today, even interior-lying walls can have a lower surface temperature.
    • The colder temperature-zone transfers through the mounting of Isolierverglasung specifically in the old building-area on the Wanda-conclusions. So new heat-bridges are built respectively in stock now becomes clear. The dew-water-formation occurs.
    • A ventilation-adjustment could take place through the BFUs between borders and wings also at closed window menu continuously. With the present-day constructions, this is stopped virtually completely. A conscious one ventilationsverhalten is to be only realized if an airing inhabitant is continually present. With a practice of a profession, one is 10 or more h conceivably. not present, so that the ventilation must restrict itself to 1 to 2 poke-ventilation. One builds leaky poems and ventilation-slasches for this reason into the modern ones today, window menus joint-write poetry in one.
    • The present-day big casement sticks out opposites more-wing-y window menus to far in the space. It is preferred the Kippstellung to the ventilation, however dampness-technically unfavorably what and to the energy-wastes is.
  4. Here, however, also the willful action of some lessees must be named. An outside-wall-corner is a geometrical heat-bridge and no tree-Angle. This reality must be accepted, and it cannot be set up any big closet here, for example. As well, the washing cannot be dried washing machine-wisely in an apartment.
  5. Through owners is dry to make available for residential-purposes of suitable spaces. Should be listed only exemplary here, construction-humidity, humidity after bigger water damage, broken roof-dehydration, ascending humidity, lacking sufficient ventilation and heater-possibilities etc..
  6. With a Beheizung with ovens, it was provided an additional air-replacement simultaneously. The required combustion-air caused through the window menu-BFUs an after-river of cooler and consequently drier outside-air. At a central-heated apartment, this security doesn't occur. Therefore, this also leads to a higher concentration in space-dampness.
  7. The development of the housing-standard changed. So, the domestic water-consumption amounted to only one fractional part of the present-day one 40 years ago. Also only a fractional part of the water vapor-volume was set free with it. So toilets were outside the apartment, in most cases, there was a water-wiring point, there were not any washing machines and where no bathroom existed, one went into the public bath-institutions. /7/
  8. A diminution of the family-size faces him/it or different, the floor area and with it the space-volume per inhabitants became bigger.
  9. Through the continuous diminution of the Haushalteinkommens being available, measures of economy are necessary. This expresses itself in smaller apartment (space-volumes / person) and restrictions at the heater.
  10. , The loss frequency influences, socioeconomic characteristics, like for example even used housing-property, so that the number of the dampness-damages is more inferior. [22]
  11. At the window menus, a development took place, that immediately intensifies the moisture-problems in multiple sense in the apartments...
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