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5.2. Occurrences of the human skin

Be on the healthy skin, on mucous membranes and in the organ-systems to always be ubiquitäre (occurs everywhere) salespersons of the kind Aspergillus, Penicillium and the family of the Mucoraceen (Absidia, Mucor, Rhizopus) without pathogenic. However, the immune-resistance becomes because of from infections or chronic illnesses decreases, so these fungi can prefer in the Bronchopneumonalsystem mycoses (direct contact with fungi emerging) extend and evoke.

Beside the above named illness-forms, also a multiplicity of poisoning-illnesses, that are evoked by toxicants (mycotoxin), that produce certain molds in its metabolism, is known. One summarizes mycotoxicoses this illness-form under the concept.

The fingernails are a special ecological niche for molds. In an Indian study, it was insulated 61 trunks from Aspergillus flavus in the fingernail-filth. A large part of them produces aflatoxins B11, and B2 (live-damaging and carcinogenic) [to the Aflatoxikosen, primary liver-cancer, is fitting other cancer-forms, hepatitis, Reye-Syndrom and Knashiorkor]. [6] aflatoxin occurs also with Hasel and Paranüssen, that frequently is attacked. One cannot tell it by the look of the nuts and therefore should spit out bitterly tasty kernels. Children should eat therefore few Paranüsse. One should give (federal-institute for health consumer protection) up the consumption of pistachios from the Iran completely. [10]

1, it is 3 million times stronger than for example an industrial solvent occurring in foodstuffs perchloromethane. The threshold value amounts to 0,000001 g per kilo and per day. [29]

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