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5.5. Mycotoxicoses

Dangerous mycotoxins can be formed by certain fungi on grains. These toxins are resistant opposite a cook-process and also opposite gastric acid. So, a very large number of people picks up its whole life long these toxicants. This problem is not new first, but it seems to be been currently already millennia ago. In the 3. Book Moses (before about). 2200 years, 14. Chapter, verse 35-48, is described how flax is with attendance of green or ginger digging to be proceeded at the house-wall. Probably, it is about mold-cultures at the moist wall here. Penicillium-Arten for greenish and Fusarium roseum for the ginger spots. Schoental (1984) assumes that the tenth nuisance in the old Egypt at Moses' time - the death of all the first-born (2). Moses 11. Chapters, verse 5, - to lead back on the consumption of moldy foodstuffs, that had been spoiled by the nuisances (rain, hail, darkness), is. Exactly the first-born children got the most food and were exposed to an elevated mycotoxin-risk with it.
A series of mycotoxin is in the situation, that to reduce innate and acquired resistance-strength against infectious disease-causes. This is marked through reduced activity of the T and B-Lymphozyten as well as through repressed formation of immunoglobulins and antibodies./6/

Until now, mycotoxins could not be proved with standardized law cases in the air. There are only few examinations to the effect of air-carried mycotoxins on the human being, [34] with it can be met no statement about the meaning in the interior-air. To the discovery of a contamination, for example for the foodstuff-manufacturers or health-authorities the Mycotoxin Prevention cluster developed deceased specific Instrumententypen: DNA-arrays, PCR in real time, Elisa-Test, lateral flow devices etc. Some of these technologies react extremely sensitively to concentrations of 0,02 ppm (parts of million). Other, less exact rapid test is more cost-advantageous and for the usage at the place anticipated. Until now, only few people and laboratories are to be executed capable corresponding controls. [29]

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