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6.2. Material-destruction

With a chemical change until to the degradation, the fungus uses the material as nutritional-substrate. So, cellulose can, for example over the Cellobiose through Endo - and Exo-1,4 b-Glucanasen and finally b-Glucosidase up to the dextrose split becomes (Hemicellulosen through corresponding enzymes to pentoses, hexoses and uronic acids. As well the market value of a product can be reduced, change the look in the excretory-product and as discolorations of the wood, paper, in textiles, paints, to recognize a.und, is. The physical type is marked by it that dense fungus-network stretches in the factory-material, for example, and the isolation bridges in electro-appliances and short circuit causes so.

A whole series of molds of the kind Alternaria, Aspergillus, Chaetomium, Myrothecium, Aureodasidium, Trichoderma unda. be able cellulose to fade in plant-fibers of every type. Also wood becomes so attacked directly, however not the lignin-component.

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