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6.5. Textiles

Textiles of plant-fibers (cotton) flax-fiber, agrimony, jute etc..) to be subject to with corresponding humidity particularly under addition of organic sizes and colors of a decomposition, which manifests itself in discolorations and loss of the Reißfestigkeit. Here, above all damages then are feared through Chaetomium globosum, Myrothercium verrucaria, Stachybotrys atra and Trichoderma viride. Damages occur ropes with materials, that are exposed to precipitation, like awnings, ropes garments or they are packed in moist status, like tents, fire brigade-hoses and sand bags.
Therefore these textiles are equipped antimicrobial, that is chemical links, that hinder a Pilzbewuchs or prevent respectively. Floor-coverings their underside of jute exists, what comments in showy discolorations and musty smell can be grown over by fungi. Also bacterial effects step at vegetal and animal fibers (cotton), Lin, Agrimony, Jute, Wool and silk, as well as at their product, that becomes visible as mold spots or discolorations, on. Above all cellulose-fading bacterias, who damage the fibers, are here and involve destroyers of albumins. [120]

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