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6.9. Colors and paints

Wall and blanket-paints are populated with sufficient humidity of mold, the musty smells and discolorations of gray of black (for example through Alternaria, Aspergillus and Cladosporium) green (through Penicillium-Arten) or ginger (through Fusarium roseum) evoked, and the paints can destroy. The enzymes especially fade on that occasion the microbial binding agent degradable in the lacquers or paints. However, also the contained oleic acids are utilized by paints. [124]

So, it was used arsenic-links (for example arsenic-oxide) for start of this century to the manufacture of the wallpaper-dyes. Scopulariopsis brevicaulis and set the poisonous links Trimethylarsin and cacodyl-oxide others from it (?) freely that led to poisonings and cases of death with people. These dyes are used no more.

Mold for wallpaper and color

Molds for wallpaper, cell-glue and color after a water pipe-damage in an empty apartment.

For the dampness-household of coatings, the water-reception-coefficient always must (w-Wert, common with the diffusion-resistance of a color-coating (or the evaporation-part payment coupled with it) is heeded. [125] these values is clear as laboratory-values, changes temperature in the practice respectively also extrinsic climate (air-train and wind respectively) according to the present spatial, however, Thermal radiation etc..). Virtually all synthetic material-dispersions serve as food-basis for molds. To the color-industry, it is known that fungicide with pure stock-mounting and bactericidal must be added. Trialkylzinnverbindungen were used with dispersion-colors. Specifically in the inner-area tend Dispersion-color-paints on a Raufasertapete with a condensation-formation and a high humidity respectively at the wall-surface to a faster mold-formation. Opposite the other color-coatings (Lime-color, Silicate- or Glue-colors) be because of the bigger here Steam-diffusion-resistance at the surface longer dampness-films.
The mold-protection-colors shouldn't briefly, light - and air-permanently, only slightly water-soluble and practically non-polluting is. However, the fungicide must dissolve in the moisture-film so that a sufficient concentration of the agent is available. Only the solved fungicide is picked up by the mold. Let's view the fungicidal agent, however. That is phenol (p-Chlor-m-kresol, Tri or pentane-chlorophenol), for example, chlorinated, Phenylmercury-links unda.). The usage of PCP is prohibited in the union since already many years. In principle, mold-colors don't solve the construction-physical problem. One exchanges practically only an everyday life-poison through another. If already such products, then only on small plains, should be used in Fensterlichten like for example. However, anti-mold-colors are better without fungicides, that effect physical sages (crystal-formation).

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