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7. The avoidance of the mold-formation
7.1. Important causes of the emergence

There have been always dampness apartments with different causes. The causes are recognized right that so these damages can be avoided.
Unfortunately, the cognitions from the mistakes of the past have and led not above all the present to mold-free apartments in link with the cognitions from the construction-physical connections.
It becomes clear from the gone ahead implementations that we cannot avoid the influx of the molds. Merely the concentration of the spores can be reduced by meaningful measures. With optimal life-conditions of the molds in the interiors, not only materials but also the foodstuffs are attacked or respectively with higher concentrations beauflagt, so that besides the direct one, also an indirect encumbrance occurs. The allocation of the molds to the salespersons under Zygomyceten, Ascomyceten or Deuteromyceten merely then has a crucial meaning if certain illness-symptoms and the exact cause-source must be determined and no clear conclusions let themselves move from the present construction-status.

The simplest law case of fighting molds is a low relative atmospheric humidity in the apartment. Still, equipment-objects and construction-materials are to be held drily or to dry respectively. A mold can be avoided even in showers and in the bath through ventilation and Klimatisierung (dry heat). The relatively short dampness-apexes don't represent any danger in general if a lower dampness is gained again wounding.

The mold-damages let themselves divide according to following criterions:
Visible mold-damages
This can already be recognized unequivocally macroscopic in many cases. However, the knowledge about the size of the affection (plain, depths and intensity) is a crucial precondition for the judgment of a Schimmelschadens and from it resulting corresponding reorganization measures.

Mold-smell of visible affection
In this case, the Eingrenzung can take place only over the performance of the smell. Undersides of floor-coats can this or are the rears of plasterboard-pillar-walls. It is to be heeded that wood-destructive fungi serve as similar smells conceivably.
Humidity without visible affection
With elevated humidity ("ascending" dampness, water pipe-damage or similar) in construction-materials, the likelihood of a microbial affection is very big. Therefore, the expansion of the damage is to be grasped fast and to execute an effective desiccation. Is affection construction-materials to be developed or to restore respectively.

Problematic constructions of visible affection
Certain component parts are inclined to weak-positions, with which firm temperature-fluctuations occur timewise conditionally and settle condensation at the surface so, through its construction. Knowledge of the construction-physics are necessary in this situation. These damages can frequently be localized only on the basis of particular experiences. Cases in point are cellar-apartments or floors in the ground floor over cool cellars here.

A health trouble
If no indications of humidity or an affection are recognizable, is so to be clarified this through an environment-doctor and/or universe-ergo-logs, whether a burden of molds is responsible for the trouble. The trouble can be to be led back also on outside-air-sources or the encumbrance takes place timewise and spatially where different. [51]

Molds require certain life-conditions (compare above). These are favored by following criterions:

(more in the mold-book)

Suggestions, like positioning the furniture is complete nonsense 15 cm of the wall. Earlier, the furniture-industry had produced the closets with leg and so could behind-air also the rear of the closet from below ago becomes. For example, 0,6 are given away space-plain at a 4 m long wall and an indemnification of 15 cm so. With a rent of 5 Euro / m2 is the 60 Euro / year, what completely simplifies a loss of value of about expressed with a lifelength of 30 years. 900 Euro means. If the apartment is usable only under restriction, where are the borders then? For the lessee always an occasion, to look for "lacks", whether entitles or not in order to fight a rent-decrease. The reverse one is applicable to the landlord. Since millennium, one builds buildings. With the insertion of the EnEV and the measures interconnected with it, one can only live in the buildings with a complicated utilization-instruction and there where it works out not at all, there one establishes Deed restrictions or installs complicated control devices.

Without cause-abolition, no damage-removal is possible long-term!

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