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8. Financial recovery of the mold-affection
8.1. General bases

The life is based on three reason-preconditions, the liquid water, energy and food-substance. In the course of the evolution, such life-forms, that contribute under the respective climatic conditions at the most useful survival and to the conservation of its type, became generally accepted. For this, the nucleic acids have outstanding meaning as functors. The DNA (Desoxyribonukleinsäuren) serves in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus and in the equivalent structures of the chondriomes as bearers of the genetic information, Chloroplasten, the acaryote organisms and many four as well as in plasmids [101]. This (transfer) - RNA (Ribonukleinsäure) represents the bandage-limb the actual function carriers of a cell, the albumins, between the transmission and realization of these genetic information in the most living cell-elements. [102] with the study of the Archaebakteriums of Nanoarchaeum equitans was discovered an until now unknown way to form central cellular news-carriers, that steer the setup of cells. [102] viewed one still, under which extreme conditions life, like for example Bakteriums Thermus thermophilus, exists which with 60 to 85 ºC, contains the proteins, that work very well apparently with heat and are especially stable with it, grows. [103] against it grows other cultures in the ice. It becomes clear under which wide spectrum the above named three reason-preconditions can exist in order to make a conservation and formation of the life respectively possible.
Simplify expressed, this is called, each creature is striving to survive also under extreme conditions in order to propagate someday if its specific optimal life-conditions are again available. Some even adjusted at the extreme conditions. There is not as well as any place on the earth where life doesn't exist.

A successful fight of the microorganisms is successful only when the above named conditions are taken into account. It must be goal to achieve a high efficiency with minimal, respectively justifiable expenditures. It is the apartment absurdly to want to change into a sterile space. Still, the residential-quality cannot be reduced by these measures, and it cannot kick open any healths encroachments upon "chemical clubs." (Heed: Replacement of the molds for fungicides.)
Most doesn't represent surrounding microorganisms any health endangering us. (Siehe here also under point 1. and 5.2.) If these are destroyed with the alleged health-damaging, so "habitat-niches" are built where other cultures can settle instead. [107] so can represent the existence of certain microorganisms (harmless) a subject to limitations protection. On new cultures, that played only a subordinate role until now, now however itself can extend, our immune system is not sufficiently discontinued in every case. A displacement of the natural microclimate should therefore always be performed carefully.

Most important measure therefore must be the revocation and the reduction of the liquid water and the food-substance respectively. Which measures are necessary and suitable, was expounded extensively already in the antecedent sections. Often, already petty changes, that can be realized by the inhabitants in many cases even without big expenditure, are enough.

Before a successful fight takes place, another series of further questions still must be clarified. With a small affection, for example only superficial affection not bigger than about. 0,4 m2 (if no construction-lacks are), no risk is to be expected for healthy people. These damages can be gotten rid of without participation of technical personnel in general themselves. [42]

After following sequence, it could be proceeded:
(further in the mold-book)

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