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8.3. Chemical fight
8.3.1. Preamble

It becomes clear from the gone ahead implementations that we cannot avoid the influx of the molds. Merely the concentration of the spores can be reduced by meaningful measures. With optimal life-conditions of the molds in the interiors, not only materials but also the foodstuffs are attacked or respectively with higher concentrations impinged, so that besides the direct one, also an indirect encumbrance occurs. The allocation of the molds to the salespersons under Zygomyceten, Ascomyceten or Deuteromyceten merely then has a crucial meaning if certain illness-symptoms and the exact cause-source must be determined and no clear conclusions let themselves move from the present construction-status.

The simplest law case of fighting molds is this meant a low-stop of the relative humidity approximately one relative humidity of the ambient air of circa 50 per cent on smaller 70 per cent, therefore also at the cold wall-surface. (The exact connections are atmospheric humidity in the contribution and expound in the eBook.) A mold can be avoided even in showers and in the bath through ventilation and air-conditioning.

8.3.2. Fight-variations

A fight of mold-affection against materials of all the type, with colors and paints is through phenol, methyl, or inorganic and organic heavy metal-links easily possibly, but because of the virulence, these substances represent a problem for the environment. Other links, like quaternary ammonium-links, halogenierte sulfonyl-pyridine, Captane, triazine are less poisonous. The demand for such fungicidal 1) for the human being and animal quasi non-polluting, odorlessly, not briefly as well as light - and, to be air-continual, is to be filled only heavily. [5]
The fungicidal effect of most offered mold-fight-means on chlorine is based, sulfur, nitrogen - and organic tin-links. (Comparisons to this acticles everyday life-poison.) It is practically performed a substitution of a poison during the application through another. For a temporary, superficial abolition, also less completely harmless means serve the purpose. Belong to it

The positions become durchgetränkt well and from-rubbed. The eyes and mucous membranes are to be protected, and it is to be aired intensively.
The attacked materials, like wallpaper, glue, color-paints,... should become distant. Since molds require predominantly organic materials as food, is to be decided case-wisely about the distance of the finery. A thorough cleaning of the wall was allowed to normally - respectively finery-surface, for example with spatula and wire-brush, is enough. [4]

The above named one is applicable to the anti-mold-colors offered most on the construction-market. Only few use construction-physical and material-specific changes of the surface so that the cause admittedly doesn't remove, however the settlement of the molds essentially is impeded. The lessee can hold critical component part-surfaces mold-freely with it at least in own-service at times. Two systems should be introduced shortly here.

BioRid is a coating-system with severe similarity of a white liquid rough wallpaper. It has a jumby surface, so that 1 m2 in 1,5 mm strength of a total surface of about. corresponds to 18.000 m2. This coating is with it to pick up emerging condensation in the situation in large volumes over a long time to break the surface tension and fast in gas-form with corresponding air-circumstances (relative humidity)) to hand over again. The system contains very low volumes of a combination from fungicides and bactericidal.

The effect of Masan (anti-mold-color) on the formation of crystal is based. Through this policy, it becomes complete on the usual Fungizide 1), and bactericidal abstains. Molds, bacterias and seaweeds don't have any life-basis on the surface of the coating so and even should include these in the crystal-formation according to product-description and are made so harmless. The same is applicable also to gaseous materials, like Aromate, cigarette-smoke unda. That is another positive aspect simultaneously. Into corresponding arbitration expertise, for example Dr.-Ing. Chr. Drexler + associates (Ingenieurgesell). for chem. Analytik and deliberation GbR, unda. if a positive effect is proved. [44]


8.6. Financial recovery of mold-attacked materials
8.6.1. Prelude

Equipment-objects or household-textiles can as well as are damaged by molds by high atmospheric humidity also after a management-water damage or high waters, however. The sooner when recognizing of a Schimmelschadens, what usually stands in link with a musty smell, is reacted, the expenditure is not must become dispose so more inferior object and it respectively of it all to the conservation. If the objects becomes soak directly through water, then, a fast desiccation is necessary. These got dirty, so another cleaning with clean water is necessary previously. Component parts are to be opened so that as much as possible air this umspült. Further implementations under [109]. ...

1, fungicide agent = intervenes disturbingly into central metabolism-procedures in the fungus-cells and opens its effect so. Objectives can be the cytomembrane, the wall cell, structure or enzyme-proteins or elements of the genetic device, for example. Utilization as plant protective against fungi and fungus-illnesses respectively in the rural economy and in the horticulture or as wood-preventatives in the construction and wood-economic system.

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