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Fogging (phatom genesis)

Two questionnaire-actions were carried out through the environment-Federal office and until appraised end of 2001 altogether 287 cases. In the result of this interpretation, one assumes it, since the problem steps in all the rule in the context of the taken place implementation of construction and renovation-working in appearance, the main-reasons must be here. No direct health-danger originates from black-dust-settlements after present knowledge-stand. [2]

In dependence on the intensity of the dew-water-attack as well as the Sorption of the component part-surface obviously without fail always immediately must not become on this occasion the dew-water-formation. Rather, it can only with the time through Fine-dust-denudation on the moister component part-surfaces to changes in color come (phantom-formation), that on the dew-water-education in the area on one Heat-bridge indicate. [1]

In the trade literature is to this only very few statements, to find. It should be expounded the problem further here. A measuring-technical acquisition is very complicated since it usually involves component parts, that assume the appearance only very slowly.
A heat-bridge not always needs to be available. An air-movement, for example easily tilted window menus, is radiator (air-cylinder) crucially and other, where already moist air is moved or itself these at a wall-plain cools off and also the relative humidity with it rise. In the agitated air, it is transported also dust and microorganisms. These can be deposited at that of some moister surface. A case in point transferring something is a kitchen where much is cooked and is fried. In this space, one can much rather determine a dust and fat-settlement at the wallpaper as in other spaces. In new constructions or buildings, that been restored exactly, this phantom can originate faster because of the still available construction-dampness.

Further statements become specialty II in an information-writing of the environment-Federal office 2.3, represented interior-hygiene, that are presented in extracts here.

Many manufacturers of construction and renovation-products as well as equipment-objects are striving since some years, instead of easily-transient organic links (VOC) than solvent increases heavy-transient organic links (SVOC) or, to start additives. These materials are not to be usually smelled, normally less health-gravely and doesn't need to be declared as solvent furthermore. Because organic links, that above from approximately 200 ºC boils, is not valid as "solvent." Products, that such links contain, can be offered as "solvent-free" consequently and are regarded the predicate "solvent-freely" as an important advertising and selling point today.

Another circumstance is that for reasons of the protection of the environment and the saving of energy since the heat-protection-regulation of 1995, since 1.2.2002 replaced through the Energieeinsparverordnung, is respected increasingly, that the building-cover is dammed better and is sealed in order to avoid heat-losses as far as possible. Unfortunately some indicates that the restricted air-replacement can contribute to the phenomenon of the "black apartments" in sealed buildings in the cooperation with increased in the interior-air of handed over heavy-transient organic links.

Schwerflüchtige organic links can reach from products, that are put from apartments into action with renovation or new construction, into the space-air. Especially softener-links (Phthalate), langkettige Alkane, alcohol, Fatty acids and fatty acid-Ester play a role on this occasion.

Among other things, these heavy-transient organic links can in

Also synthetic material-surfaces for example from furniture can contain softeners, that can be given away to the space-air.
Physically, heavy-transient organic links saw the quality, less strongly as departure-Aesir the earlier use easily-transient organic relationships into the space-air. However, they often do this for it over longer time - in particular cases even up to two years or longer. This leads that after renovation-working, that took place in the summer, only in the passage and winter-months following on it, for example, if heated and less often is aired, the concentrations of the heavy-transient organic links to the space-air markedly rise and then - in the combination with other elements - to the sudden black-dust-settlements, can lead.

Which physical and chemical interactions on this occasion precisely run out and play the heavy-transient organic links which role with the emergence of black-dust-settlements in the particular case, still is unclear at present. Many cases in point prove namely, renovated apartment houses, with which identical construction-products and building materials were put into action in the apartments, black-dust-settlements unite few apartments appeared. Follows, that heavy-transient organic links lead to black-dust-settlements alone not yet but that more causing elements must to arrive.

Apartments" "blacks with the phenomenon haggle themselves, as described, for a procedure, with which different influential factors meet. It makes this equally difficult for both the hygienist and the lawyer to find clear causes and, in the particular case, to determine the responsible.

Influential factors for "blacks apartments"

(Important: All elements don't need to be available simultaneously.)

Before one begins with taking away the settlements through cleaning or removing through renewed renovating, one should find out about the causes of the contamination. One doesn't have to on that occasion absolutely all influential factors, that contributed to originating in the particular case, eliminates. Normally, it suffices to stop individual elements. [2]

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