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  • Choosing the right paint for your interior design project

    Erstellt von retep11 am Samstag 4. Juli 2015

    To achieve a flawless finish when decorating your home, itâs really important to choose the right paint. Poor quality paint may create extra work and you could be disappointed with the end results.
    To help with your next redecorating project, leading UK decorating supplier, Kent Blaxill, has created this handy guide to the different types of paint. Read on to find out moreâ

    Oil- vs Latex-based paints

    When selecting the paints you require, youâll need to decide between oil- and latex-based paints. Oil-based paints can smell strongly and yellow as they age, so itâs best to use these on outdoor projects.
    Latex-based paints dry quickly and are easy to clean. Theyâre perfect for decorating interiors.

    Flat & Matte paint

    Flat or matte paint is best suited to surfaces that do not have lumps, bumps or cracks. This is because the paint does not reflect light, so helps conceal these imperfections. However, the paint can be difficult to clean and it can chip or become scratched easily. As a result, itâs best to use the paint in low-traffic areas like the bedroom, living room or dining room.

    Eggshell paint

    Offering a low-sheen finish, eggshell paint is easier to clean than flat or matte paint. Itâs great for decorating high-traffic areas like childrenâs bedrooms, playrooms, kitchens or bathrooms. As it is still prone to marking though, some maintenance will be required to keep the décor in perfect condition.

    Satin paint

    Because satin paint offers a high-sheen finish, it is more resistant to dirt. Marks can easily be washed away, although it will be visibly noticeable if you repaint a section of the wall. The paint looks most impressive when used on wooden panels or furniture.


    Semi-gloss paint is the ideal choice for high-traffic areas and those that are prone to marking. This is because it can be scrubbed, keeping the amount of maintenance required to a minimum. It is designed to reflect light, so can be a good choice for smaller spaces or doors, baths and trims.


    Gloss paint offers the highest level of sheen out of all of the paints mentioned. Itâs perfect for door frames, windows and furniture. Some white gloss paints can yellow over time, so some maintenance work may be required to maintain the desired finish.
    Of course, as well as the type of paint you choose, you should also consider the brand. Choose a reputable manufacturer like Farrow & Ball or similar to be assured of quality. Although these can be expensive to buy in Germany, importing the paint from the UK is often cheaper, so itâs worth considering.


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