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Building guidebook for correct building and for the preservation of your health

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2. Before you buy or plan a house.
3. Learn from our historical building culture and way of life
4. How to avoid and renovate a house that makes you ill!
5. Examples from other countries on how to renovate a house
6. The economic dwelling house

The future building trend

What had been in the past will no longer be in the future. Even if it is difficult for the majority to understand and they will continue to feel comfortable in the hamster wheel and with a muzzle. Slowly and seemingly unnoticed, a change towards the Golden Age is taking place worldwide. Well, everybody understands something different by the Golden Age. For some it means an even bigger car, a villa, that the neighbor is pale with envy, no matter how big the bank loan gets and you have to slave day and night for it. For others it means a creative freedom in the sciences, in handicraft and architecture without diseases, need, hunger, fear, greed, avarice and much love among people.

We can only guess what the future will look like, even though we ourselves have a great deal of factual and instinctive knowledge. The family, or rather the clan, will again take on the original role of social coexistence. People can pursue their creative and creative inclinations. This places completely different demands on the future living environment.

Renovated farm in Thüringer-Holzland

This future development is made possible by the existing inexhaustible material and spiritual potential. The use of free energy and industrially produced energy from the nuclear debate make environmentally friendly technologies such as wind power plants (to DIN 45690) and solar plants superfluous. Many patents, technologies and ancient knowledge have been retained, which will be gradually released. Each individual will have a lot to do and learn in the future.

Future living, living and working will completely change the current real estate market. The cities as metropolitan areas will lose their previous importance and forms of living, such as family estates, will gain in importance again. Many residents in the eastern conurbations of Kiev and Moscow have just now in the spring of 2020 recognized the advantages of a dacha. (A dacha is a residential house with a large garden in which one can live all year round). Accordingly, the demand and prices of real estate in rural and urban areas have changed completely. With large probability similar changes are to be expected on the property market in the German countries in the future.

The development depends on the local infrastructures and on the re-emergence and reorientation of the national economies. By revealing our real history, we recognize our strengths. The diversity of traditions and cultures of humanity is an enormous enrichment for all the inhabitants of this wonderful earth.

The natural and individual way of life connected with nature and the infinite variety of the human being enables the further development to a high technological global civilization. Not to a unified system of control, but to a system consisting of free creative people. A system on another higher level, as we know it so far.

This can only be achieved in harmony with nature and the necessary supplementation with sensible technologies that supply sufficient cheap energy. This can ensure that humanity can concentrate on its biological abilities and not on life-sustaining measures such as food cultivation etc. This is exactly what the green-oriented people could think about, if it is not a path that mankind can and should follow together.

The constructions of future housing, settlements and infrastructure will not only be integrated into nature, but will also be an energetic part of it. In the distant future there will also be light crystal buildings. Housing users serve again for living and are then no more capital-bringing concrete gold. Architects can once again concentrate on their creative and design work and no longer have to submit to a plethora of regulations.
At present in the German countries about 27.000 regulations and laws have to be observed during planning and construction supervision.

Also a part of the artificial building materials will be available in the future, because they allow an optimal constructive solution for the respective application.

In the past, optimal buildings were not built. But they were largely free of negative energies and pollutants. They consisted of building materials from nature, such as clay, wood, stones, reed. It is forgotten that we are biological beings, which are a part of nature.

There must be a harmonious exchange between the energy and information fields of the residents, the buildings and the environment. The building envelope must vibrate harmoniously and thus have a positive effect on the biology and energy fields of all living beings. Artificial energy fields do not only affect the metabolic process of human cells, but also the microorganisms in the human body. For example, by influencing the DNA, the useful microorganisms in our body can also produce other metabolic products that are not beneficial to us. There is no extensive research on this. Instead, area-wide field tests have been carried out on the fauna and flora.

Energiefelder und Wohngebäude
This simplified information serves as an overview of the understanding of the interaction of the human energy field with the environment. For more information, see building materials and energy.
1 Cosmic energy
2 Artificial energy fields (smart current flow meter, smart meter, 5G-network, radio, WLAN) [2]
3 Energy fields from the earth
4 energy fields from the building

There is no end to the signpost pranks in the name of climate protection. Now the 3.1 million homeowners in Germany too are having their turn with an oil-fired heating system.

You do not need to think about healthy living as long as you do not change your attitude towards life and put the health of the family first. Everything else is secondary. The habits of smoking, alcohol, constantly exposing yourself to negative information and electrosmog (radio, WLAN, smart home, etc.) ) and avoiding the consumption of industrially processed foods costs relatively little (more on this) and is a first step in the right direction for healthy living and housing. Only when you understand that we live in harmony with the environment and nature, then you can dedicate yourself to the project "Healthy House".

With the introduction of the Environmental Damage Act, an increasing number of conditions in the permit notices or building permits are being demanded, which are part of an "Environmental Construction Accompaniment". The environmental construction supervision is based on legal environmental regulations, standards and rules. The compliance with the nature conservation requirements of the building law should be guaranteed in order to avoid environmental damage, whose later removal would cause high costs.

There are, however, exceptions that are part of the climate rescue program. E.g. the installation of wind power machines, which with their infrasound up to a distance of 15 km have a long-term negative effect on all life forms (fauna and flora). There are no protection possibilities against this influence. A new study speaks of the extermination of 3 million insects per day in Germany by the wind power machines. Surely we do not need a honeybee any more.

The new 5G networks are expected to have an even more devastating impact on all life forms on our planet. In the shortest possible time, these networks will destroy all life forms (fauna and flora) in the catchment area of this radiation. Until 2025 these networks are to be developed in 20 German cities. What does the negligible "man-made" CO2-influence on the climate (weather) play a role, if this technology turns our earth into a dead, uninhabitable planet within a few decades?

The struggle for self-destruction

Who does not know the "Fridays for Future" movement?
Let's just take a look at the article "Bauen schaden Klima", just like cars and meat" on "...Because the entire housing sector is responsible for a large part of CO2 emissions in Germany. According to various studies, 20 to 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by heating, but also by building..." That sounds very dangerous.Who would not take to the streets with this massive threat.

This statement is wrong though!! But it is correct: About 3% of the CO2 emission is caused by humans and about 97% is created in nature itself, on which humans have no influence. And from 20 to 40 % of 3 % are 0,6 to 1,2 %, that is the CO2 emission share, which is caused by heating. Since Germany is only very small in relation to the entire earth, all people (including China) would have to reduce their energy consumption and under no circumstances build new coal-fired power plants.

It is correct that the cement production requires a large amount of energy. Even if the houses made of natural building materials clay or wood are particularly good for the preservation of health, the climate killer concrete has become an indispensable part of the building process. Even the old inhabitants of the region build their buildings by mixing concrete (opus caementicium). Many of these very old buildings are partly or completely preserved. No roads, high-rise buildings, bridges, bridges, columns, pipelines, dams, port facilities, etc. could be built without this important building material. Even the absurd wind turbines would fall over. And the concrete foundations in the fields are huge. According to its analysis, the environmental protection organization WWF states that cement production in Germany is responsible for 2 percent of all CO2 emissions. Correct is: 2 % of 3 % (of the CO2 emissions caused by humans in Germany) is 0.06 %.

The Gretas and Hänsels, which help to prevent the creation of the dangerous CO2, are only used to distract from the real interventions in nature. But the desire for CO2-free sites also means no flowers, no meadows and no trees? A problem for the pupils, when just on Friday in school in the subject biology the photosynthesis was treated.

Resources and the intervention in nature

During the design and construction of a space station, it must be decided how to deal economically with limited resources such as water, air, etc. Various international sources assume that the overwhelming majority of the Earth's resources simply disappear, regardless of human influence. Perhaps the huge areas of plastic on the world's oceans are deliberately created to distract from the reality. There are enough resources available for all living beings on earth. The scarcity is artificially created. There is enough space for reasonable living and sufficient food available.

In modern society, however, we have lost many of our natural qualities, such as how to cope with cold or heat, or the mental communication still present in the maternal instinct. The knowledge imparted at schools or universities is always worse, so that the pineal gland loses its natural function completely. Not uninvolved in this process are aluminum, barium, cadmium and titanium. These chemicals have been spraying in the sky for many years. Except for a few interruptions, these streaks appeared in the sky all year round in 2020. It could have been the positive Germanium in between. Chemtrails changed the whole biological cycle for a very long time. The influence on the long-term behaviour of the fauna and flora is therefore not assessable. The nanoparticles were used for global darkening.

Himmel über Leipzig
Himmel über Leipzig

Autonomous living

Autonomous living on earth existed in the past and still exists in the largest parts of the world with different qualities. It should be reminiscent of the dwelling made of clay or wooden blocks with thatched roof, reed roof or wooden shingles.

Homes with grass roofs or so-called ecological houses do not fulfill this requirement either, because they are built under the aspect of ecological building materials. Just one example: Insulation made of sheep wool without insecticides causes a moth plague. Even more extreme are the energy saving houses with their synthetic building materials and the building equipment.
Completely new ways of thinking must be developed, because we are much too much oriented towards the fulfillment of building physical parameters and the fulfillment of current legal regulations and standards. Moreover, the real estate is a capital investment and serves only secondarily for living.

What do you find in the Bauratgeber24!

In the building guidebook you will find valuable tips on building as well as checklists for finding a house and online you can calculate the renovation costs of your apartment or house. You can also find out everything about the properties of the most important building materials.

Brick house in central Germany
Brick house in central Germany

Design features or physical and chemical properties are explained. With this understanding, you can avoid the occurrence of harmful substances in your house or apartment. With the online tools, you can calculate small renovation costs in excess of the normal costs of a renovation with the online tools
. In different technical papers you learn something about the moulds in the apartment, the life-basis of the real dry rot (Serpula lacrimans), about the avoidance of construction-decay with the attic-floor-removal, the humidity in the apartment or where the humidity in the cellar comes from.

2. before you buy or plan a house

Colored house catalogs promise a beautiful house. Only later do you realize that the storage space for the broom or the vacuum cleaner in the apartment is too small or even missing. The care and cleaning of the house as well as the garden require a considerable amount of time. In the past, the linen was dried in the attic and the bicycle and lawn mower were placed in the basement. Today, however, these rooms are used as attic apartments or as workrooms.

With historically low interest rates, the banks attract people to build or buy a house. Remember, the interest rates do not always remain so low. Before you decide on a bank loan, you should check whether you can repay the rate with an interest rate of 6 or 7% without problems.

Engineering offices and architects help to plan a new residential building in the best possible way, and to ensure that it does not get moldy in the apartments, as in the following picture. Many houses are simply planned wrong. In the roof area, the bedrooms are placed where it is warmest in summer. It is forgotten in the planning that at 80 years of age it is difficult to use a narrow spiral staircase when the bedroom is in the attic. Just as important is the selection of suitable ecological building materials, which do not harm the health of the inhabitants.

Poor ventilation leads to an increase in moisture on the outer wall and to mold.
Insufficient air exchange leads to an increase in moisture on the cool outer wall and to mold growth.

Damp cellar

dampness is present in the basement or even water enters and causes water damage, concrete is the better building material. Moisture does not damage concrete. It is rather the other way round, the carbonation process is slowed down. In practice, gypsum walls are placed on top and the damp walls are covered with inexpensive gypsum plasters. Gypsum is not moisture-resistant and favors a mold attack. In damp cellars, moisture is combated with the help of small mysterious cells with spiral antennas with the help of. These are supposed to act on the basis of a geoenergetic force field of gravomagnetic nature according to the Torkado theory [3]. Even if the energy fields acting on and in the building cannot be measured with a measuring device, this does not mean that they are not present. These energy fields are very small and are usually superimposed by other, mostly artificial energy fields, so that no effect is recognizable.

A better method is to drill many holes in the walls and above the basement floor, which are filled with acrylates, epoxy resins, kerosenes, silica microemulsions and others. The damp masonry must, however, be dry beforehand. The emulsions can only build up a barrier layer in the water-free pores. These methods solve about 80 % of the moisture problem. However, this method does not eliminate moisture damage caused by condensation.

The planning of the rooms

Feng-Shui and similar living concepts are certainly very helpful, but they do not reveal planning errors or the wrong choice of building materials. Surely you can change the room geometry optically by color design. But if the corridor is only 98 cm wide, the small cupboard with a width of 100 cm will still not fit there. Modern occupational science is concerned with the functionality, health of employees and the climate conditions in the workplace (Working Space Directive). There is no comparable solution for living spaces. Also make sure that you adjust the lighting in the basement to the special conditions. In the laundry cellar you should therefore use special cellar lamps. These should have a suitable IP protection class to withstand the moisture.

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Teil 1: If you renovate your house or apartment ecologically.
Teil 2: Learn from our historical building culture and way of life.
Teil 3: How to avoid a house that makes you ill?
Teil 4: Examples from other countries for the renovation of a house.

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