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4. How to avoid and renovate a house that makes you ill!

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1. Building guidebook for correct building and for the preservation of your health
2. Before you buy or plan a house.
3. Learn from our historical building culture and way of life
4. How to avoid and renovate a house that makes you ill!
5. Examples from other countries on how to renovate a house
6. The economic dwelling house

The house or apartment has primarily the function of protection against the weather and you want to feel comfortable in the building. Our body has an invisible magnetic field. It reacts in our subconscious to all inauspicious and beneficial influences. When choosing a new apartment, you should not only be guided by optical impressions, but also listen to your heart.p>

Today's standards, guidelines and regulations determine the construction design. On the other hand, proven constructions, rules of architecture and experience are increasingly being forgotten. High humidity in the living space leads to damage of the building and causes additional health risks, such as chronic coughing fits and asthmatic diseases.

Disease-causing home through pollutants

In Germany, approximately 15 million people are affected by the widespread disease number 3, COPD. Whereas smokers were once the main victims, today all sections of the population are affected by various pollutants in the indoor air. The smaller the ventilation rate through the tight windows becomes, the less the pollutants are diluted and their effect on our health increases. The pollutants come for example from chemical household cleaners, chipboards, furniture, carpets, toys, etc. Similarly, the concentration of moulds and other microorganisms in the air increases. Here also an intention can be behind it. Here, only the example fluorine is to be called, which is to protect our health officially.

Just start taking your life back into your own hands and protecting the health of your family. You can use less harmful cleaning products from the past, such as simple vinegar or soda ash, in your household again. Instead of the dispersion paint, you can use lime paints, silicate paints, glue paints or other ecological paints.

Worldwide the trend is towards mass housing. First and foremost, it can certainly be economical and, with responsible planning, it can also be ecological, if it would correspond to human nature.
A very well developed public transport network could make a part of the current individual professional car traffic superfluous. The meaningful connection between business activities, active leisure time and recreation can make a meaningful existence possible for everyone.

The current building policy serves the increase of the profit and less to support a meaningful, beautiful life and to maintain the health of the inhabitants? It has rather a supporting function to put humans in a state of suspense between life and death and to transform them into a will-less zombie. This is part of the increasing electronic surveillance (electronic door lock, home electronics, Smart Home, smoke detectors, smart phones, cash disposal, navigation systems, cars in the control system, etc.)

New houses in Kiev
Here is an example of a development area in Kiev. These are not bad places for the inhabitants, who are allowed to live in anonymity and in an energetic zero space.

The comfort in the living rooms

The comfort in the living rooms is at a relative humidity of up to 65%. (The relative humidity is highest in autumn and lowest in spring). Condensation then occurs on the cold outside walls in winter. At wallpapers with dispersion colors it comes in this case very fast to a mold-formation. The moisture is not absorbed fast enough by the mineral plaster layer and is passed on to the outside. In addition, this color and the wallpapers offer a good food basis.

Many mistakes are made, especially when building new residential buildings. The admixture of water for the furniture (gypsum, lime, cement) due to the building material can rarely be sufficiently drained until the apartment is occupied. Fast cements and dry plasters as well as all possible chemical additives in the building materials should shorten the technological waiting time. In the past, the new house was "wintered out", today it must be dried out by increased heating and ventilation.

Baustelle auf Djerba
The walls of the residential buildings are made of bricks. They are plastered with cement plaster and smoothed with gypsum filler. In Germany very many moulds would develop here.

The aim is to build cheaper and better, which is a contradiction in terms for labor-intensive trades such as construction. Also quality-fair building materials have their price, with oversized discount offers then something is wrong with the product. Once installed, these inferior building materials cannot be replaced without a costly renovation. Before you buy a new house, you should always carry out a profitability calculation. In many cases, a flat for rent can be cheaper than your own house, even for a long time.

Before deciding on a home of your own, you should prepare yourself thoroughly and take sufficient time. A financial adviser receives a commission for his "free of charge" service, if he could successfully arrange a loan for the new house or for a costly renovation! Arguments, like age precaution, increase in value and other should be regarded with caution. What good is it if you lose your job at age 50, can no longer pay the loan and have to move, or instead live most of the time in a second home at a distant work place?

In some regions (not only in Central Germany) there is a large decrease in population, so that some of the properties become unavailable. Newly added is a possible compulsory mortgage for the property owners, which corresponds to an expropriation of a special kind. Already in the years 1923 and 1948 there were state forced mortgages. In the land registers a land charge is registered in favor of the state. The real estate owners are thus forced into debt. See here the article forced mortgage.

The current advertising for house building is even more critical. In the advertisement in the first place a building sum and the monthly rate are called. Depending on the size of the house, a nice new house can be financed with a few hundred euros per month. 30% equity 2,5% interest and 1% repayment. After 10 years a rescheduling of debts takes place and the bank interest can amount to between 5 and 8% as in the past. Then the house can quickly come under the hammer in the compulsory auction, because the family is overstrained with the higher monthly installments. Plan therefore with the present low interest rates a repayment rate not from 1%, but at least 3 to 4%. If necessary, the repayment rate can be reduced after the debt rescheduling. This measure will free you from the dependence of the bank more quickly.

Questionable regulations for the promotion of unhealthy living through incorrect building (video) and incorrect heating by Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Meier. There is no clearer way to describe the current building policy!

The research topics at the colleges and universities are mainly financed by sponsors from the economy. It goes without saying that the research results should reflect the interests of the financing industry. The times of value-neutral research at universities are long gone. However, this affects all sectors of the economy and especially the health industry.
The lobbyists ensure the political implementation of the desired contents. Similarly, representatives from the business community on the standards committees incorporate certain interests into the standards.

Teil 1: If you renovate your house or apartment ecologically.
Teil 2: Learn from our historical building culture and way of life.
Teil 3: How to avoid a house that makes you ill?
Teil 4: Examples from other countries for the renovation of a house.

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