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Advisor to the old house, mold, dry rot and moisture.

You would like to renovate your house or your apartment itself or would like to redevelop a damage at the house. In this dear-neutral adviser, you find valuable tips to the den, check lists for the search of a house and the qualities of important materials.
Constructive characteristics or physical and chemical qualities of certain materials are explained, so that after a redevelopment preferably no damages at the house appears. However also pollutants should be avoided in the apartment so that no health endangering appears. The expenses of a planned redevelopment, the funding of your house or the kindliness of the isolation of the outside-walls can decide with the on-line-calculation.  The wrong structure of floor caused this fungal attack In the lexicon for the den, in the overviews and in the catalogs, quickly important concept finds you for the den, formulas, charts or left to manufacturers of construction-materials or craftspersons. But the detailed compartment-contributions stand in the foreground, like for example mildews in the apartment, the life-basis of dry rot (serpula lacrimans), damages with the attic-extension, the humidity in the apartment or the moisture in the cellar.

One can read more frequently: "Mold is the most frequent damage in the apartment". That it is nonsense since mold are ubiquitous. You are a component of our natural surroundings. The elevated appearance is a consequence and burrows become through wrong, utilization-mistakes and lawful sanctions causes. These have an effect unfavorably on the connected heat - and moist-transportation-processes in the building-construction.

Colorful house-catalogs serve normally as first information-source. That promise a beautiful house and a fixed world. First later one notices that the storerooms are too small for the broom or the vacuum cleaner. Instead of leisure time, one is employed the whole day with the cleaning and upkeep of the house as well as the garden. Earlier, one could dry the washing in the attic. The bicycle and the lawnmower in the cellar puts. However, these spaces are used as penthouse or as working room today.

Schimmelpilze in der Wohnung durch ungenügende LüftungEngineer-offices and architects help with the optimal planning of a new residential building so that it doesn't mold in the apartments so, as in the left picture. It is also important questions to clarify, however. For example, what one does with the many rooms, if the children live in the house no longer. Also it is bad if one later is 80 years old and the bedroom can be reached only over one narrow stairway. One more correct organization is important. Most builders devote time to the selection of affordable or ecological construction-material however. Very much time is used for it. Surely, it gives advantages and disadvantages to the construction-materials to bims, loam or concrete.

If moist exists in the cellar or walks in even water, concrete is simply the most ideal materials. But something is done? It becomes walls from plaster on put and an inexpensive plaster-finery comes on the moist cellar-walls. If the problem is there, so small mysterious boxes are hung with spiral-antennas into the cellar, that effect gravomagnetischer the basis of a geoenergetischen strength-field nature. However also many small borings are positioned over the cellar-floor and with acrylic resin, epoxy resin, paraffin, silikonmikroemulsions and others were filled. The causes lie in the wrong wall-construction or at inappropriate materials however.

Feng Shuis and similar residential-concepts are surely very helpful, solves however in the in after no planning-mistakes or a wrong selection of materials. Surely, one can change the area-geometry through color-formation late optically. Into a 98 cm wide hallway fits none 100 cm wider cupboard. So that the co-workers remain healthy, the ergonomics deals with the functionality, and the climate-conditions in the workrooms (workplaces guideline). Comparable for living spaces doesn't give it unfortunately.
Instead, one does extensive field-attempts with the inhabitants. More and more norms, guidelines and rules support these activities. Historically grown construction, approved constructions, rules the architecture and experiences come in oblivion more and more.

The apartment primarily has the task of the protection-function before weathers and one should also feel well in it and should sicken not through chronic cough-attacks and asthma. Economic points of view shorten the time of the house-construction. The water in the mortar, plaster, lime, cement, can only rarely be taken away sufficiently up to the first-reference. Quickly-cement and dry-finery should shorten the wait. Earlier they had the new house "over the winter empty lets stand ", today, this must dry up through elevated heater and ventilation.

It should be built better more and more cheaply and also. The building and construction industry is a labor-intensive handwork however which one cannot even out with unqualified manpower.
Who doesn't know, that an award of craftsperson-performances is possible over auction only on expenses of the quality, a free offer should immediately assume. The elimination of bad construction and the redevelopment of the redevelopment is normally about the multiple dearer as the strong craftsperson-performance.
But also quality-just materials have its price. With outsized discount-offers, something is not right with the product then. Installed once, these inferior materials cannot be exchanged without problems again.
But before one decides a house to buys or even to builds, they should have itself produced from its finance-advisor a thrift-calculation. In many cases, an apartment is cheaper than an own house to the end to the rent. Such arguments, it serves as age-precaution, a high increment or the guarantee of subsidies, should always be viewed with caution It are of use to what, if one loses his job with 50 and must move, or instead the most time in a second home lives and its family only knows over the mobile phone. Not only in the east from Germany, a big population-decline is available and many real estates stand empty.

A current topic is the energy-saving through an additional insulation of the houses as well as the conscious shortage and the considerable price-increase for fuels. Damages when developing the atticTo the energy-saving, the German norm knows only the transmission-heat-loss.(Criticism to the EnEV 2002). The heat-stream through a wall-construction is determined by many factors. If the stonework is moist, so the heat-conductivity changes.Simple scheme of the influential factors on the surface-temperature
Q = Heat-stream through the wall
I = steam-diffusivity
λ = Heat-conductivity
1/α = Heat transfer-resistance
b = Penetration of heat into the wall (1-2 cm)
S = Heat-radiation to the and from the wall (1-2 mm)
A = Condensations interior
B = Moisture from outside, for example rain
C = Moisture in the stonework (capillarity and diffusion)
W = Heat-storage-value
K = Convection
If the stonework is moist, so the heat-conductivity changes. This influences the size of the penetration of the heat into the wall, the heat-storage-value, the air-movement at the wall-surface directly or indirectly for example. But also the enthalpy in the stonework is influenced by vaporization and the formation of condensation.
In optimal energy-balance in our climate-zone is attainable only from insulation and the storage of heat. Many influential factors are only insufficiently known however. There is no one thermodynamic for example until now, non-stationary calculation-base for solids, liquids and gas in interaction with the solar in-radiation and the from infrared radiation. Simplify expressed, what is calculated at the moment, can must be correct however. If an additional insulation takes place, so however also the heat-loss must be heeded by the hygienically necessary ventilation. An alteration of the enthalpy takes place through the lowering of the temperature of the air. The fatter the insulation is executed, also the percentage heat-share, that reaches through the ventilation outside, is so bigger. Here, economic borders are put down. The windows had to therefore become as dense as only possible. The prescribed politics to the isolation of the houses serves a wonderful turnover-increase of insulation and finally also for the restorers of mold-damages.

Do we ask a simple question which ecological or economic using does the pass for energy consumption have? Be of use to the citizen, the producers of isolation, the concerns or maybe the environment-industry, whom big mountains of insulation can recycle later, it. GlühbirneOne must handle in principle economically with energy as well as with raw materials and should manage meaningful material-cycles. Unfortunately we are removed far from it and the distance becomes ever bigger. For some politicians, the energy-saving consists of the prohibition of the light bulb. To the energy-types known today belongs the mechanical, magnetic, electric, chemical as well as the heat -, light - and kernel-energy however. Last will like to bring not only by the media with a nuclear reactor in connection. Sound just grasps like atomic bomb. But becomes radon per law as a countermove - and pollutant-incriminates apartments created.

A strategic and care-certain preparation at energy is an existentials prerequisite for a stable political economy. In Germany, the share of the petroleum is because of the primarily-energy-consumption (PEV) with 36 percent presently; to natural gas, 23, stone-coals 13, are allotted kernel-energy twelve, lignite eleven and renewable energies 4,6 percent. The dreadful industry-chemical di-hydrogenmonoxid The wider the energy-mix is put, all the more easily should fell it, replace certain components at least long-term and, to be able to come to terms with price-increases of individual energy-bearers more easily. After assessment of the ministries for economy and environment, the modest success of the achieved share of the renewable energy is achieved in the stream-area by the support in the energy-feed-law (EEG) and in the heat-area by the market-incentive-program. The EEG promotes the cost-costly energy-production through wind-strength-installations and solar-stream (50 Cent/kWhs). where costs approximately 5 Cent/kWhs against the conventionally generated stream at the Leipzig energy-stock exchange. (Somehow this reminds me of the despair-actions of the Socialist Unity Party-economic policy in the GDR in order to remove narrow passes.)
In the picture right, the formation of the dangerous industry-chemical di-hydrogenmonoxid.

But, to push through indiscriminately about these measures, they needed a new enemy-picture, after which the cold war dissolved, for the Federal-citizen. Everyone has subsidized uneconomic technology and tax-increase pushed through indiscriminately with the unavoidable climate-catastrophe (The stupid at coincidences is, one cannot predict it. Climate is and remains a statistical size.). One even stirs up the fear of the human being with it before itself. Power-claims are secured and it can be pushed through measures to the reduction of the freedoms of the citizens. Climate is a statistical median value, the weather (global warming) is meant however. The German politicians would like 20 or 30% the through the human being of caused output from carbon dioxide, also as greenhouse-gas marks, reduces. Since only 1,2% of the carbon dioxide originate in Germany through the human being, industry and houses, and the others 98,8% through the nature itself however, corresponds to the one decrease about 0,24%. For it shall up to the year 2020 over 500 billions euro is spent. (Impoverished builders could pay all her bill with it and the craftspersons must give up one third of your revenues no longer.) Simply has the advantage an ecological centralist planned economy desired by the governments, one must justify the tax-increases and economically absurd editions no longer then. Not all scientists our earth watches indiscriminately. Look www.climatescienceinternational.org.

How does one now build a house?

A massive house, which opened after the south and was not built exactly in a cold-lake, collects solar heat and immediately stores these opposite the solar-collectors in the stonework, completely without cables and hoses. That is the heat-quantity, that one from indoors not through heating must supply. This free solar-extraction needs no additional technical expenditure and also no maintenance. That is experiences of the architecture. Or one look at only the far dispersed modern convection-heater. This is opposite the radiation-heater much more uneconomically and is conceivably indirectly also for the spreads mold-formation responsibly. But also the form of the residence plays a role. The igloo of the Eskimo is a half ball and has the smallest surface with maximum volume. The German dream-house has many small bays, angle, crusts, and roof windows with maximum outside-surface and minimal usable floor space.
In this adviser, you find of course many further hints and tips. So you can already prepare yourself before the renovation at the house or with the elimination of the mold in the apartment technically and can save building cost consequently.