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You as a builder-owner have to finance all building measures and conditions!

Before you build, the question "what may real estate property cos or is renting cheaper?" Then real estate ownership also means a firm commitment to the location. If you would like to change your place of residence, e.g. because of a new job, then a condominium can be rented out under certain circumstances, but with a house, considerable losses can sometimes occur. Whereas 20-30 years ago you could plan for the long term, today the time is very short lived.

Since 1 January 2016, new buildings have had to comply with stricter energy-saving specifications in line with the stricter standards of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) of 2014. The stricter requirements mean that the upper limit for the permissible energy requirement of a building must be reduced by 25 percent. The requirements for thermal insulation also increase by 20 percent. The EnEV is based on the calculation of the U-value. However, this energy calculation is not correct because other energy-related factors are not taken into account, see the 25 requirements for an exterior wall.

New 50 cm masonry house in Vinnitsa (Ukraine)
New 50 cm masonry house in Vinnitsa (Ukraine)

Before you begin renovation measures, then you let at least 2 better 3 comparable offers from different craftsman companies submit. Make it clear that you are paying for the service you want and not for what the craftsman wants.

Multi-family house with heat insulation in Germany
Multi-family house with heat insulation in Germany

In order to ensure that future building owners can still construct energy-efficient new buildings, the maximum amount of promotional loans from KfW was raised from EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000 as of 1 April 2016. In the meantime there have been further changes. However, this loan is also tied to certain measures that must be fulfilled.
In addition, KfW grants subsidies of 15 percent for the installation of ventilation systems and the replacement of heating systems. However, a maximum of 7,500 euros per residential unit.

The chapter on real estate deals in detail with the problem of loan financing. With the current low interest rates, property developers are luring people to buy property. Families or groups of people who would not receive financing from the bank at the current interest rates of 6 to 8 % are also being addressed. According to the banking association, the credit volume rose to 130 billion euros last year.

However, conditions may still be imposed by the municipality or, if the building is listed, by the monument protection authorities. Subsequent costs may also be incurred due to the adjacent road or the wastewater.
There are numerous possibilities to ask the citizen to pay and destroy his property, e.g. the current example of the diesel driving ban.

If a compulsory mortgage is entered in the land register, this will mean an additional financial burden of 10%. In Germany, a forced mortgage was already entered in the land register in 1923 and 1948. With the current financial adventure of the Federal Republic, additional financial sources will soon be needed.

Consider the future burdens. Without a sufficient financial framework, you will very quickly join the queue of foreclosures.

In contrast to the homes financed by credit in Germany, in other countries people build with cash. Here is an example of one of the many owner-occupied homes in our neighboring village (with predominantly Romanian residents) in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) By the way, the village of Solotvyno was already founded in the 11th century by German settlers (miners).
With this example just want to address, the best and safest option is the real estate without credit. If a loan is needed, then it should be as small as possible despite the current low interest rates.

A home in Transcarpathia
A home in Transcarpathia

We have created numerous free online tools for you as a building owner. You can calculate the costs of a renovation or estimate the need for subsequent thermal insulation (Ueffective value) of your exterior walls.

Especially for building owners, I have written manuals based on practical experience on the topics of moisture in masonry as well as cellar drying, mould in the apartments and attic conversion without damage.

Feuchtebuch von Peter Rauch Schimmelbuch von Peter Rauch Dachausbau von Peter Rauch

1. The current building trend is determined by the eco-industrial complex.
2. Energy saving and the renovation of old residential buildings.
3. What is an energy saving house?
4. The policy provides for houses and flats that make people ill.
5. Which is the right residence?
6. Build a house ecologically and economically.
7. The building culture and construction
8. If you build your own home, then the building laws must be observed!
9. A home of our own for the protection of our family and our health or just a capital investment?
10. Find the right information in the jungle of building information.
11. You as a builder-owner have to finance all building measures and conditions!
12. The wrong housing construction and the housing shortage
13. How is knowledge generated in the construction sector?

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