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5. Fungi as causes of illnesses with people and animals
5.1. Broadly

Illnesses, evoked through fungi, is fully different with the plants than with the people and higher animal organism. But also on this occasion some matches, which are evoked by the parasitic heterotrophic diet, nevertheless show.

According to type of the damage-picture can be distinguished:


Sick-building-Symptomatiken like rashes become in the moist (conceivably) one with mold of attacked buildings, itch, nosebleed, cough and headaches [2] as well is portrayed gastro-intestinal-problems and ZNS-Symptomatiken (giddiness, nausea, concentration-weaknesses, tiredness).

The healths impacts are summarized shortly here and are expounded more extensively in the succession-points.

  • Allergens effect
    The dose-action-connection is very complex in this case. Among other things, it depends on the individual habit (susceptible to an illness) as well as from the allergen potential of the mold-spores. With sensibilizations, this follows appears allergic reactions by the degree of the sensibilization, the membrane-function of skin and mucous membranes and the allergen-dose as plain. About. 5 per cent of the population of the FRG is sensitive against molds.
  • Toxic effect
    The metabolites of molds (for example mycotoxin), as well as the wall cell-elements (glucans) seem toxic. As immune-toxic effect, also the discharge of interleukins and other inflammation-mediatoren is to be seen in skin and mucous membranes with mold-impacts. Caused by interior-encumbrances to however hardly expect such an effect is.
  • Infectious effect
    The infectious effect plays a role above all with immune-weakened people. Caused by interior-encumbrances to however hardly expect such an effect is. [23]
  • Olfactory-annoyance
    It influences the quality of life considerably. However, it can be caused also by bacterias or through construction-materials (solvent).

In the primordium 6, the clinically relevant molds and the caused illnesses are summarized.

Even if typical appeal-pictures out-crystallized in the letzen years, the knowledge about the exact pathogenesis of effects of the molds still are incomplete on the people at the moment so that scientifically covered statements are to this only very restricted possible. The connection of dose and effect between measurements of living fungi in the ambient air and a health trouble is to be proved only very heavily since also perished molds and from them set free materials have effects. [24]

However, there is also a multiplicity of molds, that are used consciously. So, the discovery of the Scotch microbiologist Alexander Flemming led 1928 antibiotics to this penicillin, which is produced by Penicillium notatum and Penicillium chrysogenum. With the foodstuff-production, the showy flavour becomes several cheeses, like Roquefort, Danish blue, Camembert, and Brie through the maturity-FTAM process in attendance of mold (noble-mold), as the kind Penicillium, achieves. To name, also the yeast-fungi become use it to the alcohol-production, for example the vine-yeast (Saccharomyceses ellipsoideus) and the dried yeast (Saccharomyceses cerevisiae). Vine-yeast transfers the dextrose contained in the cider in alcohol while the dried yeast is specialized on the Vergärung of the maltose. [25], [26] also in the leaven or bread-paste changes added yeast-fungus the sugar in alcohol, he/it during the forecastle-FTAM process evaporates and loosens up the carbonic acid-small bubbles the paste. MutterkornAt the transformation of fresh milk from fermented milk, above all in the form of yogurt, yeast-fungi are decisive involved. The fungus, under the name ergot known, a parasite is on grains, specifically on rye, that a very heavy illness (Kriebelkrankheit also ergotism) evokes. The cramp-generating effect is founded the alkaloid primarily ergotoxin. It finds application in the gynecology and obstetrics. The ergot belongs to the oldest salvation-plants that already Chinese doctors of the dawn knew. [26]


Form 5.1.1.: Ergot, a parasite on grains [27]

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